Saturday, 27 August 2016

They Can't take away our voice

Hello guys.. I just sat down facing the west while the sun sets and was reminiscing and at the same time was feeling sad because of everything that is going on around the states and the country as a whole. First of all, Nigeria is a country that is blessed with so many things, ranging from human power or ability to natural resources. Nigeria as we all know is the biggest economy in Africa, Nigeria as we all know is the largest populous black nation on earth just to mention few of our potentials. But yet we are still fazed with a lot of calamitous happenings ranging from corruption to tribalism, from religious crisis to rural killings by the fulani herdsmen so on and so forth. All these are happening at the expense of the ordinary Nigeria citizen with the so called leaders caring less but caring more about what goes into their pockets, what a shame. I was watching the news the other day where I saw the killings that happened at a rural community in Enugu I felt like bursting into tears. Again I saw the Ogoni community where it was polluted with oil and gas. Where farmers can no longer plant crops on their farm lands and fishermen can no longer fish due to the degradation of the soil and pollution of the water respectively. Thesame oil the selfish leaders are fighting over, thesame oil that generates almost all the income or revenue Nigeria is earning, thesame oil the leaders are looting from, but yet could not clean up the regions of the spillage that occurs almost every day. Also again in the North-east where boko haram have rendered a lot of families homeless and jobless, where these families are being taken to the internally displaced persons (IDP) camps and left to die of hunger, diseases, frustration etc. particularly Borno state. Just today I received a rather shocking and sad story that two IDP camp members died because of hunger, and the dead bodies of these persons out of annoyance from the other members of the IDP, were taken to an express road and left at the center of the road. According to them they did this to tell the world that not all the help which some NGOs offered actually reached them. what a sad and annoying story. Where is the security when the killings took place at Enugu? or does that mean we don't have right for one? where are the promises made during elections to clean up the ogoni land? and where are the relieve materials promised to the people of the IDP camps in Borno state? indeed my heart bleeds for them. But what can I do? am just an ordinary Nigerian who is vulnerable as any other ordinary Nigerian. One thing I know for sure is the truthful shall pevail. They deny us our rights but they can't deny us our voice. So long as we have voice we have hope. 

woman with her under-nourished child in an IDP camp in Borno

 Children queued up waiting patiently for food

 two women with there under-nourished children in an IDP camp in Borno state

 Women protesting after the killings by the fulani herdsmen in Enugu

 oil spillage in the Niger-Delta

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