Friday, 30 September 2016


MMM! What is MMM?
            MMM is a community of mutual help among its participants. In this community, participants “provide help” and also “get help” from each other from the amount they provided help with, plus 30% of the amount. Example, when you provide help of 20,000 naira, another participant pays you 20,000 + 30% of 20,000 = 26,000 naira.
This community was started by a Russian mathematician called Sergei Mavrodi in Russia. Now, this community is almost in all parts of the world, of course including 9ja.
With the increase in popularity that MMM has drawn in Nigeria, of course people areasking questions, questions like; is MMM for real? So here I compiled some “goodies” that MMM has brought to Nigeria.
1.                                         Improved Trust among Nigerians

Before MMM, trust among Nigerians was far from normal. Nobody can trust another person with his money, but among the members of MMM, that has changed. Just imagine you not knowing the person you are sending money to, but you send it anyway, why? Because you “trust” another person to refund your money better still with 30% of the money you provided help with. Isn’t this wonderful? There have never been complaints that anyone provided help and wasn’t paid back. Ever!!!!
2.                                         Perception

You know generally, almost in all parts of the world, see Nigerians as dubious, corrupt, criminalists, yahoo-yahoo etc. but for MMM to work in this part of the world properly, it’s a thing of pride and a kudos to Nigeria’s participants, and Nigeria as a whole. Definitely this has changed the “perception” of the world towards Nigeria, to really see us as the “good people, great nation” that we are. It has also changed the perception between the ethnic groups. It’s a cliché thing that all Igbos are “money mongers” so therefore can do ANYTHING to have it, all Yorubas are “dubious” people, and all Hausas are “mumus”, LOL! But MMM brought people of these entire ethnic groups in a single community and they still co-exist. A Hausa man providing help to an Igbo man, an Igbo man providing help to a Yoruba man etc., and everyone complies without grudges. Hmm MMM is wonderful indeed. Imagine keeping these set of people in a single roof, what do you think will happen? Trouble right? But MMM managed to do that.
3.     Reduced the feel of economic recession among  Nigeria participants

This is a very important one. In this regime where job is hard to find, jobs are lost, salaries are reduced, salaries are not paid for months, things are expensive in the market to buy, etc., MMM participants have felt these little or not at all because, when you provide help with your spare money in this community, you will not be left alone. Graduates who were once unemployed, have been able to raise capital through MMM to start up their business and therefore making a living. A friend of mine who was an unemployed graduate before MMM, acquired 2 pieces of land and a keke NAPEP, he started by providing help of just 30,000 naira. And when you see their testimonial videos, you will see people who have done more than this friend of mine. MMM is indeed transforming the lives of Nigerians.
4.                                  Reduced crime rate

This math is simple. High rate of unemployment = high rate of poverty = frustration = hate = crime. Simply put, unemployment causes poverty, poverty causes frustration, frustration causes hate, and hate causes crime (stealing, kidnappings, cultism etc.). But with MMM, this means you have source of income, and when you have source of income, it automatically means you have money to spend, and this reduces crime rate. Money is very important you know!!!

5.        Ample of time to spend with family and loved ones